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Every year since 1999 the Worshipful Company of founders sponsors the grand prize for the British Art Medal Society's Student Medal Project.

Weight of the World, Sophie Holt, 2016


'The Student Medal Project encourages and promotes the art of making medals throughout art colleges in the United Kingdom. Each year over one hundred student medals, from as many as fifteen art colleges, are submitted for judging for prizes and selection for exhibition.

The Worshipful Company of Founders, The Worshipful Company of Cutlers, The Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers, The Goldsmiths’ Centre and Thomas Fattorini Ltd are among the institutions that support the project, and the British Museum sometimes purchases particularly meritorious student medals.

It is a wonderful forum for students to view the work made by their contemporaries, to join them at the annual conference, and to participate in an international project. Each year an academy from outside the UK is invited to take part.

As an introduction to bronze casting, the project is perfect for the college curriculum. The Society often provides a speaker to introduce it in the first year. It is particularly geared to sculpture students and those studying metalwork and jewellery, but is open to other disciplines as well. A catalogue is published, which includes entries for everyone who participates and stands as a record for those at the start of their artistic careers.' Find out more about the Student Medal Project 

Song Bird, Judith Pritchard, 2017


List of winners:

1999:  Mirena Zlateva, Golden Needle, Academy of Arts Sofia (issued as a BAMS medal; this is the only year we awarded the Grand First Prize to an invited college from abroad; after this, one entrant from a foreign university receives the ‘Best Guest’ Prize.)

2000:  Alexander Pendleton, Homage to Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Falmouth University

2001:  Lucy Willow, Dreams of a Dying Moth, Falmouth University (issued as a BAMS medal; Lucy is now Head of Department at Falmouth)

2002:  Franco Antonio Pagliari, Turning Tide, Falmouth University (selected as a BAMS medal, cast in an edition for sale to members)

2003:  Holly Mulligan, Ragged Memories, City & Guilds of London Art School

2004:  Sarah McGowan, Taking the Rough With the Smooth, Loughborough University School of Art and Design

2005:  Fiona Garlick, The Wave, Falmouth University (issued as a BAMS medal)

2006:  Naomi Openheim, Pull Harder, Little Man, Falmouth University

2007:  Lilian Pau, Am I Skinny Enough, Central Saint Martins (this was issued as a BAMS edition medal for sale to members)

2008:  Brenda Yates, Food for Thought, Birmingham School of Jewellery

2009:  Crystal Burden, Borderline, Central Saint Martins

2010:  Rosie White, Awareness of Deafness, Birmingham School of Jewellery (selected as a BAMS medal)

2011:  Joanne Herriotts, Drop Beats Not Bombs, Birmingham School of Jewellery

2012:  Ruth Leslie, Kenenisa Bekele, Glasgow School of Art

2013:  Katherine Wildgoose, Because You Didn’t Have to, University of Edinburgh

2014:  Carrie Dickens, home/here, Royal College of Art

2015:  Keith Gilbert, Ragged Trousers, University of Wolverhampton

2016:  Stephanie Holt, Weight of the World,  Birmingham School of Jewellery

2017:  Judith Pritchard, Song Bird in Her Cage, Cardiff Metropolitan University

2018:  Goncalo Arede Pereira Camboa,  (R)EVOLUTION

2019:  Richard Barnes, As The World Falls Away,  City & Guilds of London Art School (where Richard is currently now teaching the casting Project)

2020:  Jonathan Kelly, Patterns of Society, Leeds Arts University

2021:  Kiki Birtles, Inherited, Falmouth University

2022:  Jana Griffiths:  Interloper, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham