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Immediate Past Master David Robinson and his wife Claire visiting Treloar's School and "inspecting" the state of the art coach which Founders are proud to have contributed toward.


As you can see from this photo, Claire and I attended the official "launch" of the Treloar's coach that the Company made a substantial gift of cash towards the purchase of.  We were made most welcome from arrival to departing, meeting the Headmaster, Chairman of the Governors, parents and other Governors and staff. 

We were taken on a tour of the School, including Wessex which is one of the houses that act as "home" for pupils and we joined one class (maths) and everywhere we went we marvelled at the enormous feeling of warmth and caring.  Pupils of the school and "college" students alike welcomed us with smiles, gestures and hand and arm shakes.  It was plain for all to see that the focus is not on disability but what the pupils can do and they are constantly helped to find that.

After the tour, we made a tour of the coach with the driver and were shown its many features.  The coach can accommodate 17 wheelchairs and 22 staff.  The lift raises wheelchairs into the coach and out.  It has amazing lighting and the very latest gadgetry for comfort of the pupils.

The coach itself was built in Portugal and fitted out in Manchester.  Judging from the comments made by pupils they adore it and it has done a great deal to change their lives for the better.  Truly it was a very worthwhile cause to contribute to. 

I am very pleased that we were able to be present to represent the Company at Treloar's.  Everyone we met expressed their enormous gratitude for the Founders Company's long relationship with Treloars and hope this may continue. 

David Robinson - Immediate Past Master