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The Founders' Sculpture Prize

The Founders' Sculpture Prize is currently undergoing some changes to its format and an official announcement will be made in the coming weeks.

The Founders' Sculpture Prize aims to promote figurative sculpture based on the human form and its translation into bronze; eligibility is limited to sculptors in the first ten years of their sculpting careers.

Since 2007 The Founders Company has co-organised and sponsored The Founders Sculpture Prize a bi-annual prize promoting figurative sculpture in cast bronze


The aims of the Prize are:


Sculpture Prize Sponsors

The Prize is sponsored by the following bodies:


Eligibility of competitors

Applications for the Prize are invited from any figurative sculptors in the early stages of their sculpting careers.   There are no restrictions on nationality, age, gender or sculpting qualifications, and the Prize Committee will look sympathetically at borderline applicants.   However, the Prize Committee wishes the Prize to encourage up-and-coming sculptors in the early stages of their careers, rather than those whose careers are already established, and will not entertain submissions from competitors whose post-qualification sculpting careers exceed fifteen years in aggregate.

The Prize consists of the following benefits: