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The Founders' Sculpture Prize

The Founders' Sculpture Prize aims to promote figurative sculpture based on the human form and its translation into bronze; eligibility is limited to sculptors in the first ten years of their sculpting careers.

Since 2007 The Founders Company has co-organised and sponsored The Founders Sculpture Prize a bi-annual prize promoting figurative sculpture in cast bronze.



2007, Sophie Dickens - Turning Man

2009, Valentina Zlatrova - Immersion​

2011, John Ensor - Offshore Dissipation

2013, George Triggs - Surrender

2015, Ellen Christiensen - Odyssseus

2017, Thomas Merrett - Flight


2019 Winner

 Artist: Bayasgalan Batmagnai

‘“The piece is a complex study evoking in the viewer a powerful physical and emotional response profoundly capturing a transitory expression of ‘desirability and resignation’…..With the rocky spire I wanted to show how one’s opinions and principles are being challenged by the decisions made throughout my entire life. In this composition vertical and horizontal elements represent the contrast of these differing viewpoints”.

The piece was cast by the AB Fine Art Foundry


Sponsored by The Worshipful Company of Founders, The Gilbert Bayes Trust,

and the Society of Portrait Sculptors