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All Found by Dr Andrea Tanner £48
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The History of the Worshipful

Company of Founders


By Dr Andrea Tanner

We are pleased to announce that All Found is now available to buy directly from the Founders. It is now almost 50 years since the publication of the book Citizens and Founders by Guy Hadley that covered a wide span from 1365 until 1975.

This brand new book goes into much more depth regarding the events surrounding and influencing the development of the Company. It focuses on how the Company re-engaged with the relevant industry and responded to the dramatic changes that occurred in the City of London during recent times.

Freeman Andrea Tanner wrote this history; Andrea is an internationally acclaimed archivist who has burrowed into the archives, not only of the Company, but of the Livery movement as a whole. In addition, she has interviewed many current members of the Company to produce this highly readable volume. 

'Dr Andrea Tanner has written a masterpiece. Her modern-day history of the Founders sweeps through vast societal and industry changes, yet she covers the ground with a narrative drive and lightness of touch. The thrust of the book starts from 1880, when the Royal Commission on City Livery Companies signalled the changes that were to come. Dr Tanner’s perspective benefits from the passage of time and an absence of self-interest but she covers the significant moments faced by the Founders with perhaps more acute analysis and candour than was possible for Guy Hadley’s 1975 ‘Citizens and Founders’.

Now, if a Founder wants to know why we reside at Cloth Fair, and not at Founder’s Court by the Bank of England, then Dr Tanner has the answer. If a Founder wants to know how we made it through all the challenges of the two world wars and a changing City environment, then Dr Tanner has the answer. And if ever a Founder wants a profile of our illustrious and distinguished forebears, then Dr Tanner brings them all to life.

If we are to understand our role for the future, and to contemplate how we might try to shape that future for the benefit of our successors, then there is no better place to start than first understanding who we are and whence we have come.

So I would heartily recommend, perhaps even compel, Dr Tanner’s history to all Founders. The weight of her scholarship is enhanced by the jauntiness of her pen. You will not be disappointed and you will learn much about our great Company and our industry and the City.'

Review of All Found by Court Member Mr Peter Denison-Pender.

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